Business & Corporate Charter.

It makes sense…

Private jet charter for your business not only makes financial sense, it creates an opportunity to enhance your staff’s work/life balance and show you value them.

Corporate Air Charter adds value to your business by:

1. Removing wait times in terminals – your staff only need to be at the airport in our private lounges when they want to leave.
2. Faster flying.
3. Faster return – less overnighting.
4. Increasing productivity – the time lost in travel for your executives.
5. Increasing profitability.
7. Enhancing staff morale – your staff travel in comfort, can be productive and think tank on board. They are refreshed, they feel valued by the business to fly in a jet and they are home with their family at night creating a productive work/life balance.
8. Fly to your schedule.

Join the growing number of successful Australian businesses choosing to fly private.  We can get you in the air quickly, safely and get you home sooner.